Ritu Madbhavi

Group Chief Information Officer, FCBUlka Group

Precision, logic and order define Ritu. Not surprising when you learn that she studied statistics and graduated at the top of her class from Delhi University. Ritu took her passion for mathematics further and did her masters in applied mathematics from Carlton University, Canada.

Over the past thirty years, Ritu has applied this precision and mathematician’s logic in all the assignments that she has handled. Starting from her first stint at TCS, followed by teaching and analytics engagements at NIIT and Datamatics, she has worked her way to being the Group Chief Information Officer of the FCBUlka Group.

Ritu has been with FCBUlka for 23 years and has played a crucial role in aligning business with technology. Being a software programmer at heart, she is responsible for creating and developing tools and automating business processes. She believes in getting to the root of the problem and coming up with a solution that is sound in logic and is comprehensively thought through.

In her spare time, Ritu relaxes by trying her hand at diverse cuisines for family & friends.