Sunni Wissmer

Communication & Stakeholder Engagement Manager, Brightworks Sustainability

Sunni is a strategist, facilitator, and network-builder helping some of the world's most progressive companies, coalitions, and others grow positive global impact. Partnering with Brightworks' and our clients on communication and business development strategies, she helps these organizations forge the relationships and partnerships with leading non-state actors that will move us beyond the sustainability status quo to truly achieve global equity and carbon targets.

In the past, Sunni led the International Living Future Institute's extensive Living Future Network: Living Future Accredited Ambassadors, Collaboratives, Partners, and Affiliates in more than 70 nations creating Living Products, Buildings, and Communities. She is still asking the question "what does good look like?" in all that she does. Other past roles include development roles in Guatemala and Cambodia, and nonprofit leadership and stakeholder engagement work in greater Cascadia.