Watch the latest video from the experts at SoftIron for an insight into what SDS can deliver.

Described as the Swiss army knife of software-defined storage (SDS), the open-source storage platform Ceph has already secured a strong reputation in the industry, thanks to its accessibility, openness, flexibility, rich features and an already deep and devoted user community.

As a distributed, scale-out storage framework, Ceph is intended for high bandwidth, medium latency types of applications, such as content delivery (think Netflix, Comcast, AT&T), archive storage (Dropbox-type applications), or block storage for virtualization, but it can handle almost anything, as this video from SoftIron and industry expert Markus Leinonen (@markusleinonen) highlights.

Its inherent scale-out support means organizations can gradually build-up large systems, as cost and demand require. It also sports enterprise-grade features, such as erasure coding, thin provisioning, cloning, load-balancing, automated tiering between flash and hard drives, and simplified maintenance and debugging.

And, unlike proprietary formats, you can integrate with a range of other storage software solutions, enabling you to avoid the dreaded “vendor lock-in” arrangement more commonly found with our more traditional counterparts.

So take a look now and learn more about what Ceph can deliver for you.