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The landmark series on data center sustainability

Panel: How can data center decarbonisation and resilience evolve in parallel?

This session took place on February 25, 2021

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Panel: How can data center decarbonisation and resilience evolve in parallel?

The data center industry leads the charge for carbon free operations, and with this comes great responsibility as well as scrutiny from regulators, environmental groups, and customers. As an industry, we must rethink legacy approaches such as diesel backup power that don’t fit the new environmental mantra. How are industry changemakers addressing an unwavering demand for reliable service while reducing carbon footprint?

Whether your organization is focused on new construction, retrofit, or replace of an existing design, a variety of technologies exist to address resiliency requirements and zero carbon goals. This session explores strategies that reduce carbon footprint now and methods for evaluating the prospect for emerging technologies in the future. The panelists will discuss how to optimize design for both decarbonization and resiliency, including data center best practices for power resiliency, current and emerging technologies, and microgrid design options.

How worried should data center operators be about energy security?

Roundtable discussion

We invite you to join this roundtable directly following this panel discussion to continue the conversation, share your own insights and to find potential collaborators.

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