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Data center training solutions for a global workforce

As the sector continues to grow, large training deployments are becoming the norm for data center organizations looking to attract, onboard and upskill their talent. Our self-paced digital courses sit on some of the biggest industry players' internal platforms, while we consistently deliver private instructor-led sessions for companies throughout the ecosystem.

Our SME network of independent 'in industry' specialists that deliver our instructor-led portfolio and help us build our digital learning assets ensure learning content is constantly evolving and fit for an industry that sector from one day to the next.

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Knowledge assessments

  • Content licensing
  • Workforce benchmarking
  • Customized training plans
  • In-house training
  • ROI reporting

Each segment has its own set of skills challenges

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    Managing training within organizations that provide "Infrastructure as a Service"  is complicated given the variety of learning requirements across Business, Operations and Design divisions. DCD>Academy has a flexible approach to workforce development that can help you onboard, upskill and certify your data center teams.
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    Technology Vendors

    There are three types of workforce enablement for data center vendors - Product, Process and Problem. We work with solution providers to build training programs focused on the challenges of their data center customers, adding value to internal training by enabling both commerical & technical teams to be able to teach their clients something new about their challenges.
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    On-prem Facilities

    The rumors of the death of the enterprise facility were greatly exagerrated. The development of on-prem engineers is often overlooked, particularly when you consider the mulit-disciplinary design & operations skillset that is often required. DCD>Academy can help you tailor a professional development strategy that up-skills your team and prepares them for the many challenges they will face managing an on-premise data center portfolio.

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    Design/Build Firms

    Engineering & Construction companies are the builders of the digital age. With the skills gap an ever-present threat to project delivery, training & development is essential for companies looking to grow with the sector. We work with these organizations to help onboard new starters and upskill teams in sustainable design & build principles and data center mechanical & electrical engineering.

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We can create semi-bespoke in-house training programs

All our instructor-led courses can be held at your premises, at a venue of your choice or as virtual classrooms that can engage teams across different time zones, without incurring the expense and loss of time associated with travel. And because your teams are learning together, they can discuss and debate the unique circumstances of your organization, making the learning even more relevant and effective. We can also work with the client to tailor elements of the course curriculum.

We can help baseline your workforce skills across geographies

Customized e-learning solutions enable organizations to proactively and efficiently equip employees with specialized knowledge and expertise to perform at their best. Additionally, leveraging a digital learning approach allows management to gain insights on their organization by measuring their staff’s knowledge and productivity. Learning activities are underpinned by a Knowledge Assessment tool that helps highlight an individual’s knowledge gaps and can suggest a specific training paths. Working with you, we will complete a gap analysis to define your employees’ training needs.

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