Self-paced digital learning opportunities

Based around rigorous learning objectives, all of our e-learning programs use the latest instructional design methodologies to guide the learner through the sometimes complex, but always interesting world of mission critical data centers.

DCpro laptop e-learning

All of our courses are built for maximum engagement, using infographics, technical drawings, video explainers, knowledge checks and unique learning resources from the DCD content library. Online self-study is both cost-effective and flexible:

  • Reaches geographically dispersed students within your company
  • Students can access learning at their convenience
  • Learning can be repeated without incurring additional cost
  • Eliminates instructor and student travel time and related expenses

E-Learning for Operations Track

Central to our e-learning library for the data center operations track, is FMCI or Foundations of Mission Critical Infrastructure, the Industry's most comprehensive online training program. It currently comprises 18 e-learning modules and a total of 64 hours of self-study. It is being used by IT and facilities teams globally to create an education baseline for the mission critical workforce and to promote a safer and more efficient working environment. Learners who complete the program are awarded the DCT | Facilities Management credential.

View all 18 modules here

E-Learning for Design & Engineering Track

Our growing e-learning library for the design and engineering track has been developed to support learners in the DCP and DCS tracks with continuous professional development opportunities, once they have completed the core syllabus. These modules explore the latest data center trends and technological innovations, using real-world case studies from the broader DCD content portfolio.

These course modules can be used against the biennel CPD recertification requirements for DCP and DCS.

View all Recert modules here

E-Learning for Business Track

The Business of Data Centers is a self-paced, 12 part e-learning course, using the latest instructional design methodologies to ensure learning outcomes has been specifically designed for non-technical people to understand what is considered by many, a highly technical industry. This course is the first in a series of learning assets we are planning for our business track.

View The Business of Data Centers syllabus here

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