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    Sponsored AI ‘gold rush’ changing data center design

    Boom in demand for facilities optimized for artificial intelligence is causing a rethink in data center design, including a shift to modular roll-outs, says Instor’s Sam Prudhomme

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    Sponsored Tools of the trade

    Demonstrating that a particular material is better for the environment than another might be hard, but new tools have been released proving the environmental advantages of plastic piping over metal

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    Sponsored Turning up the power

    Server CPU TDPs are set to soar as AI and other applications demand more power. GRC’s John Bean and Alex McManis tell DCD how immersion cooling will keep them cool

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    Sponsored Sensor sensibilities

    Sensors are at the heart of genuinely smart data center management architectures, but what does a smart technology partner look like? DCD talks to ABB’s Narain Chandwani to find out

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    Sponsored The realistic route to Net Zero

    Decarbonization and Net Zero are journeys, not projects. AVK’s Ben Pritchard maps out the way, calling at HVO, on-site generation and microgrids

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    Sponsored When plastic means more sustainable operations

    For data center piping solutions, plastic isn’t just the most sustainable choice, it also means less maintenance and greater reliability, GF Piping System’s Benjamin Sheppard tells DCD

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    Chilling out with Vertiv's Ron Spangler

    Ron Spangler of Vertiv talks to DCD about air cooling, and how developments in liquid cooling will lead to a hybrid data center merging the best of both worlds

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    Sponsored Waste heat? Waste not

    Heat exchangers need to be designed bespoke for the application in order to maximize energy efficiency, says Alfa Laval’s Anna Blomborg

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    Sponsored No more playing games

    Most applications can be hosted out of any data center, anywhere in the world. So why not choose data centers in the most sustainable locations offering stable power prices?

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    Sponsored The best way to cool off?

    When humans really need to cool down, fans are not a patch on immersion in a pool of cool water. So why not adopt immersion cooling in data centers?

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    Sponsored The price is right

    Norway’s hydro-power can provide renewable energy to data centers across Europe. Or, better still, data centers can come to Norway to take advantage of competitively priced renewable electricity all-year round

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    Sponsored Weaving the fabric of data center automation

    Data center automation isn’t with us yet, but Nokia’s Data Center Fabric solution is a big step in the right direction that could achieve operational cost savings of 40 percent

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    Sponsored Data center commissioning without the 5D chess

    Supply chain issues have intensified the already challenging task of data center commissioning. So what can operators do to minimize the risks of delay - or worse?

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    Sponsored Overcoming supply chain challenges

    Supply chains were already stretched in 2019. Then Covid hit, and the Russo-Ukraine War has exacerbated them still further. How can data center builders and operators manage the growing risks?

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    Sponsored Surviving the revolution

    The internet revolution will continue to reverberate for decades. The question is, does your organization have the digital backbone to survive the revolutions to come?

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    Sponsored The ‘Brave New World’ of NetOps

    Global enterprise applications, mobile apps and games built and maintained on DevOps principles need NetOps to provide reliable, network support, argues Nokia’s Jonathan Lundstrom

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    Sponsored Making better connections

    New connector innovations are making it that bit easier and faster to provide the fiber connections that new data centers need