Web infrastructure business Cloudflare suffered elevated errors in Chicago and LA for more than an hour on Friday, 11 June.

The issue impacted several customers from around 16:17 UTC, including Discord and Shopify.

Matthew Prince
– Techcrunch

"Cloudflare is aware of, and investigating an issue which potentially impacts multiple customers," the company said at the time. It identified the problem six minutes later, issued a fix after another 43m, and said it was resolved 27m later.

It did not detail what went wrong. Last July, the company was hit by a huge DNS outage that took out Feedly, Tumblr, Discord, League of Legends, and more.

It also had two other major incidents in June and July 2019.

"We built Cloudflare with a mission of helping build a better Internet and, this morning, we didn't live up to that," Cloudflare CEO Matthew Prince told DCD after the second outage.

"I take personal responsibility for that. And so I think that that it's disappointing, and it's painful."

Cloudflare is not alone. This month, rival CDN Fastly went down, bringing much of the Internet with it for several hours. The company reported a bug was triggered by a single valid customer configuration change, and a patch has since been rolled out.

Following the outage, shares in the company jumped as investors realized how important the business was to the stability of the web. Cloudflare shares did not change due to its smaller outage, and are currently at an all-time high.