Australian data center company DC Two is considering changing its name to Adisyn.

First reported by ARN, Adisyn is a combination of 'adaptive' and 'synergy' and is intended to reflect the company's change in focus. The switch will also change its Australian Securities Exchange ticker to AL1.

– DC Two

The name change is subject to shareholder approval at the upcoming October 10 meeting.

DC Two, according to managing director Blake Burton, wants to "introduce a new standard in high-performance computing." The company intends to shift away from providing data center and cloud services, and move towards generative artificial intelligence solutions and microservices, and has also over the last year established a cyber division aided by the acquisition of Thomas Cyber.

Burton said to ARN of the name change: "Adisyn represents our commitment to being at the forefront of technological innovation. It signifies our dedication to continuous learning, adjusting swiftly to real-world circumstances, and enabling rapid new technologies such as AI adoption, regardless of an organization's growth stage."

The start of this year also saw DC Two acquire 100 percent of IT and cloud services provider Attained, reported to also be in aid of the move toward microservices.

Shortly after, in February 2023, DC Two announced that it was selling its modular data center assets to DComm for AU$3 million (~US$2.02m).

DC Two was established in 2012. The company currently offers a number of cloud services which are delivered from data centers in Perth and Darwin.