EcoDataCenter plans to expand its main data center and more than double its current capacity.

The first phase of the EcoDataCenter 1 expansion is due to be completed by Q3 2024, and the full build out by Q2 2025. The expansion of the Swedish site will bring its total capacity to 45MW.

– Sebastian Moss

The company said that the expansion in Falun is the result of recent success in securing a major global customer as well as the rising demand for sustainable data centers.

"For a company that opened its doors in 2019, signing the largest agreement of its kind in Sweden just four years later is an incredible achievement and a testament to the extraordinary work done by the team from the very beginning," Peter Michelson, CEO of EcoDataCenter, said.

Around 300 construction workers will be needed during the construction period, and it will lead to about 30 permanent jobs.

Nordic real estate developer Areim took a majority stake in EcoDataCenter in 2018, and this year raised €446 million ($488m) for a data center fund - with EcoDataCenter's ownership transferred to that fund.

Together, the company and fund have raised €620m ($679m) this year, with EcoDataCenter taking on €170m ($186m) in debt this month. €200m ($219m) of that will be spent on the new site expansion.

EcoDataCenter operates five data centers across three sites in Falun, Piteå, and Stockholm. We toured EcoDataCenter 1 in 2020.

Earlier this year EcoDataCenter announced plans for a new 150MW campus, known as EcoDataCenter 2, in Östersund, Sweden. The campus will be constructed in phases, with the first 20MW completed in 2026.