GRC (Green Revolution Cooling), a leader in immersion cooling for data centers, and ENEOS, a Japanese global petroleum and metals conglomerate, have released a jointly developed white paper, ‘Enhancing data center performance with immersion cooling and precision-engineered fluids.

The white paper discusses in detail the many important fluid selection criteria for immersion cooling deployments, and also presents valuable resources that can help IT professionals simplify the fluid selection process, enabling them to make the best decision to suit their operational goals and green initiatives.

With the growing thermal challenges posed by advanced CPUs and GPUs and the explosive growth of high-power, high-density AI, HPC, and ML deployments, industry experts agree that immersion cooling is positioned to be the superior solution for data centers worldwide. 

But data center operators understand that not all immersion cooling fluids are the same, and individual fluid properties can have a major impact on critical data center metrics such as performance, infrastructure integrity, and longevity, along with sustainability.

The white paper examines the ways in which GRC’s ElectroSafe Fluid Partner Program rigorously vets and tests fluids to give data center operators the confidence they need to select the appropriate fluid, and also provides detailed information on a variety of immersion cooling fluids available from ENEOS that meet or exceed customers’ expectations of quality, performance, reliability, and sustainability.

"Selecting the right fluid is a paramount decision for data center operators. It not only influences operational efficiency but also contributes to the overall sustainability of their data centers," says Nicholas Ficht, sr technical account manager at ENEOS USA.

“ENEOS has long known that to truly get optimal performance, fluids can be detail designed to each application. We offer a diverse lineup to meet our customer’s specific needs, including ‘Immersion J’ for Japanese data centers, ‘High-Performance Fluid’ for demanding next-generation chipset cooling, and "GREEN Fluid", a bio-based fluid to further drive carbon footprint reduction goals.”

“With over 14 years of experience deploying immersion cooling to data centers around the world, the team at GRC knows all too well that not all coolants are the same,” said Ben Smith, chief product officer at GRC.

“Individual fluid properties like electrical resistivity, dielectric strength, and viscosity can have a major impact on critical data center metrics such as performance, infrastructure integrity, and longevity, not to mention sustainability. We’re excited to join ENEOS in sharing what we’ve learned with data center operators and designers as they move to embrace immersion cooling in their facilities.”

In addition to releasing this white paper, ENEOS and GRC will be participating together in several high-profile industry events in the coming months, educating attendees on the importance of choosing the best fluid to meet the needs of individual immersion cooling data center deployments and projects while also showcasing the latest immersion cooling offerings from GRC.

First, the companies are jointly sponsoring DCD>Connect Virginia, taking place November 6-7 at the Landsdowne Resort & Spa in the heart of data center alley, Leesburg, VA. The companies will then return to Las Vegas together for CES, the premiere technology event in the world and the global stage for innovation, on January 9-12, 2024.

Representatives from both companies will be on hand at both events to answer any questions and provide details on immersion cooling installations, the importance and impact of immersion fluid selection, and the ways in which these combined solutions play a key role in deploying high-performance, high-powered, high-density AI, HPC, and ML solutions while also increasing operational efficiency and reducing data center energy consumption.

Check out the new white paper from GRC and ENEOS here.