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Brad Wilson

Vice President of Technology, Integrated Rack Solutions, Vertiv

Brad Wilson is VP, technology and integrated rack systems at Vertiv. In this role, he focuses on trends and technologies that will affect data center solutions in the next 3-5 years. Brad joined Vertiv in 2018 as vice president of the global rack power distribution unit offering and engineering teams. Prior to joining Vertiv, Brad was president of Geist, a privately held company specializing in rack power distribution and related technologies, which Vertiv acquired in February of 2018.

During his career, Brad has also held positions as operations manager, engineering manager, chief technical director, executive vice president. Over the past 30 years, his work has focused on the design, development, and manufacturing of rack power distribution and associated monitoring and control systems for use in critical environments and data centers. Brad earned a Bachelor of Science degree in engineering from The University of Nebraska.

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