Kevin C. Kent

Data Center Operations Manager, Critical Facilities Efficiency Solutions

Kevin Kent continues to be recognized throughout the United States and internationally as a leader in data center energy efficiency. He has an affiliation with several United States environmental foundations and is a Climate Reality Leader. For his commitment to improve global data center energy efficiency, decrease carbon footprint, and protect our environment, both nationally and internationally, Kevin was selected to serve on the international Data Center Institute Board of Directors, where he continues his focus on improving data center energy efficiency.

In 2018 Kevin was invited to be a keynote speaker at many conferences in the United States and internationally and his travels continue in 2019. His purpose in speaking is to create greater awareness of global data center energy consumption and provide education on how to achieve data center energy efficiency without sacrificing overall health or reliability.

When Kevin is not traveling he can be found working in many data centers, putting into practice the same techniques he shares during his presentations, helping others gain efficiency in their data center and reduce their carbon footprint. His commitment to heal and protect our environment can be seen in many ways but none more visible than his donations to environmental foundations where thousands of trees have been planted as an incentive to data center owners who significantly reduce their data center carbon footprint.

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