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Putting the heat on cooling systems: Innovating technologies to drive energy efficiency

Some sources suggest that 40% of electricity use in data centers can be attributed to cooling systems. Whether or not this figure is entirely accurate, it is clear that cooling has a substantial impact on the environment, contributing significantly to carbon emissions, water usage and the aforementioned electricity consumption. As data centers strive to meet their sustainability targets it is imperative that they ‘green’ their cooling systems as much as possible, but how do we get there?

This new broadcast will provide insights into how cooling systems are being designed with efficiency at the forefront, and explore which industry players are paving a way to a cooler future. However in order to track this accurately, data centers must also rethink the metrics they use to track efficiency, and question the reliability of PUE in the current climate. This broadcast will also explore the opportunities to innovate cooling with out of the box thinking such as heat reuse, and discuss the viability of such technologies in different regions and different types of operations.

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