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The virtual conference for the ASEAN data center industry

Panel: Can Southeast Asia's data center sector be climate friendly?

This session took place on September 15, 2020

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Panel: Can Southeast Asia’s data center sector be climate friendly?

Singapore is set to house a projected 5.5 million sq.ft of white space by 2023 and has targeted a 36% reduction in carbon intensity by 2030, setting the challenge to continue industry growth whilst meeting energy sustainability goals. For data center operators to contribute to decarbonization there is a need to move away from ‘green-washing’ and ‘green-hushing’ and towards a clear strategy of adapting to the market demand for a sustainable data center.

This panel will explore what the real environmental effect of building a new data center is. Our panellists will debate if, and how the industry can decarbonize digital infrastructure in time to achieve sustainability goals.

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