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Cool & Control Tech Showcase

This session took place on September 16, 2020

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Cool & Control Tech Showcase

A series of quick-fire presentations showcasing the latest technologies to cool and automate data centers in the Southeast Asian market.

Future Facilities: Co-Simulation for Hybrid Air/Liquid Cooled Data Centres

The data centre Digital Twin allows you to build a virtual data centre that mimics a real life facility, allowing you to safely predict the impact of change. Using 6SigmaDCX you can now build a 1D liquid flow network alongside a 3D virtual model. This session will show you how you to use the software’s unique co-simulation functionality to predict the performance of a hybrid air/liquid cooled data centre. 

TycheTools: Title: Towards the Digital Transformation in Data Centres

Airsys: The Future of Data Infrastructure Cooling
The industry faces major transformation over the next five years. From ‘Free Cooling’ to ‘Cooling Free’ and from a CAPEX to OPEX infrastructure investment model. This session guides you through the obstacles to be aware of, and opportunities to capitalize on, as we move towards 2025 and beyond.

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