Teccloud has doubled the installed capacity at its data center in Porto Alegre, Brazil.

The expansion is a result of a R$2 million (~US$400,000) investment from the company.

Teccloud has two data centers in Rio Grande do Sul: a Tier II-standard facility in Porto Allegre, and a Tier III Design-certified data center in Campo Bon.

The design certification was awarded to GetNet, with both businesses part of the Correa da Silva group.

The company does not publicly state the capacity of these data centers.

From these facilities, the company offers cloud services including cloud computing, private cloud, connectivity with public clouds, and managed multi-cloud services, among others.

“The expansion is ready and we can cover immediate projects, in ready-to-deliver format, in synergy with the needs of current and future clients, anywhere in Brazil," said Adair Dienstmann Jr, infrastructure manager at Teccloud.

"With the ability to provide services and solutions through public, private, and on-premise clouds, Teccloud offers a range of services that goes far beyond the cloud. The goal is to generate even more value for customers, fostering new connections and opportunities.”

Teccloud was founded in 2014 and intended to provide data center, infrastructure, technology, and telecommunications services. In May 2019, Brazilian software firm Stefanini acquired a 60 percent share of Teccloud.

Last month, Brazilian data center group V.tal announced that it would be developing a 6MW data center in Porto Alegre that would be expected to go live in the second half of next year. The company already operates data centers in Rio de Janeiro and Fortaleza in Brazil.

This time last year saw Piemonte's Elea buy the TIM Brasil data center in Porto Alegre and Scala announcing plans for a Porto Alegre data center with an IT capacity of 7.2MW. According to the original announcement, it should go live in Q3 2023.

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