Features - Carrier Networks

  • UK tower

    How real is Open RAN?

    Operators are keen to point out new technology, but not everyone is convinced that Open RAN has fully arrived

  • Commscope 2.jpg

    Keeping fiber shortages in check

    Despite reports of fiber shortages last year, the telecoms industry paints a slightly different picture in early 2023

  • MWC 2023.jpg

    MWC 2023: What did we learn?

    The flagship telecommunications event once again provided plenty of talking points, but what stood out?

  • Africa 5G

    Africa’s 5G challenge

    A handful of African countries have switched to 5G services, but how successful are the rollouts?

  • GettyImages-912421350 iot.png

    IoT & the Edge

    As well as giving mobile operators a new revenue stream, Internet of Things applications could reduce our carbon footprint

  • GettyImages-1132986308.jpg

    The arrival of the 5G Edge

    5G promised great things, but it has hit many hurdles on its way to reality. What are the prospects now?

  • Space IoT

    At the edge of space

    When fiber and cellular coverage let you down, the answer could lie in a higher power

  • Wireless networks

    The telco Edge

    Where will the Edge be implemented? For many people, it will be located at the telephone exchanges and cell towers which are close to end-users and devices

  • James Braunegg, Micron21

    Bringing connectivity to the edge of the world

    Having more international connectivity in Australia is great, though is likely to disincentive content caching and increase the flow of international traffic, says James Braunegg, managing director of Micron21