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Where next for the management and operations of mission critical facilities?

As the data center industry grows so too does the need for enhanced management and operations strategies. Following a tumultuous two years of unprecedented demand, skilled workforce shortages and huge supply chain delays,it is imperative that data center operators understand new methods of best practice and tech innovations to ensure operational excellence and maximised uptime in mission critical environments.

In celebration of International Data Center Day, industry leaders come together to share their expertise of how businesses need to adapt for continued success. Tackling topics from automation to staffing, risk management to environmental efficiency, the DCD>Management and Operations broadcast brings together voices from across the globe to highlight the priorities, examine the latest technologies and discuss solutions to the challenges that data center operators face.

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Celebrating International Data Center Day


International Data Center Day is designed to create awareness of the data center industry and to inspire the next generation of talent. It provides the industry with an opportunity to open their doors and show, in a coordinated effort, what data centers are, why they are so important to our connected world, and the wide array of career opportunities that are part of the data center industry.

In support of International Data Center Day, we’re launching a brand-new season of DCD>Management & Operations. Global leaders across the industry will unite together to discuss the latest strategies and technologies that will tackle the most common challenges faced by data center operators and further enhance the public image of data centers.

You can learn more about International Data Center Day here.