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The infrastructure decisions made in Silicon Alley affect the world, with hyperscalers accounting for more than half of all data centers built in 2020. 

With the post-COVID environment generating an explosion in both capacity demand and the carbon footprint for computing at scale, the onus is on the builders of digital infrastructure to find the balance needed to supply the world with cloud hosting and high-density compute - albeit, sustainably. The next decade will also likely see huge growth at the edge overtake the demand for the core data center, further complicating the role which dozens of micro facilities will play in a net-zero future.

As we host the world’s leading voices on cloud-scale, carbon-aware computing, we will ask: 

  • How will the hyperscalers help meet North America’s ambitious GHG emissions pledge?
  • Can buildings full of computers make good neighbours?
  • In a land plagued by water scarcity, how should data centers address stewardship?
  • On the road to a carbon-free future, where does diesel sit in the transition?

.....and much more. Broadcasting on September 21-23, DCD>San Francisco will bring together the major players from the global hyperscale data center ecosystem to discuss the future in-front of and with an anticipated audience of more than 2,000 professionals.

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